Bath & Spa

UW is all about balancing heat, steam and water in perfect harmony to augment the bathing experience and promote natural health.

Whether dry heat through sauna, humid heat through steam or massage through high pressured water in a spa whirlpool, we have the expertise to relax your senses and make you experience perfect wellness at your home, club, hotel or spa.

Here is how we can get started

Engaging with us at the stage of civil work is recommended so that we can help integrate our solutions comprehensively.

  • Write to us / call us for an appointment with requirement brief.
  • We will coordinate a detailed discussion with you and your architect.
  • We do the legwork and conduct site inspection, water testing, report, etc.
  • We present our solutions with fair estimates.
  • You give us the go ahead.
  • We deliver a state of the art water solution for your needs.