We specialize in the design and development of wellness and spa projects for hotels, boutique spas and upscale residences. With our unique expertise in creating wellness facilities, we give our clients sensational concepts and designs that go beyond the realm of aesthetic beauty alone and fuse efficiency through optimization of resources, energy and water.

We have reached thus far because of our alliance with industry’s top talent on full time as well as consulting basis. Our team of industry veterans co-create such unique and brilliant concepts that are unsurpassed in design depth and operational efficiency. Our able team of architects, interior designers, engineers and project supervisors complete our entire offering and bring your ideas and visions to life.

Our comprehensive approach gives us the power to co-imagine, build and deliver a holistic spa unique and refined in its concept and functionality.

Concept Creation

Why you build a spa is a reason unique to your personality that builds the energies and influences the atmosphere of the spa. To set a theme that reverberates across the facility is something only experience can help attain. We leverage our expertise in creating a spa concept unique to the clients being to achieve the individuality that every project deserves.

Planning & Design Creation

Each foot of space is carefully divided into revenue & non-revenue areas and have a healthy balance between the two. Keeping in mind the commercials expectations we undertake 2D & 3D rendering with our architects and designers. Our team of experts ensures that the luxury and grandeur of the projects is delivered while maintaining its operational efficiency and commercial viability.

We help you build gym, saloon, spa-cafe to your existing facility on turnkey basis.

Project Creation

Our team of architects, engineers and project supervisors work in tandem on the designs created and finalized. We deliver projects in a comprehensive way on turnkey basis. Our knowhow of technology and civil work is a powerful combination to achieve signature water, light, sound and aroma therapies. Our intrinsic knowledge of running a spa helps us create spaces that are easy to run and maintain. Keeping timelines under close scrutiny, we create your projects in timely and cost effective manner.

Be it thermal pools, arctic or tropical showers, salt therapies or state of the art heat therapies, we have the expertise and equipments to create it all.