Steam Bath Systems

We will hook you up with such a powerful experience, that you will want to end each day with UW steam.

We have developed the most optimized steam generator that the industry has seen. Apart from being compact, it is the fastest and the greenest generator in the market.

Let the soft warmth of UW Steam engulf your senses…

Step in to an extraordinary sensory experience every time you bathe. Neutralize lifestyle related disorders caused by stress and pollution while boosting natural immunity, all empowered by our ultra efficient sweat bathing systems.

Quality Construction

  • Best materials and craftsmen in the industry
  • Incoloy use for longevity of technology

Easy Maintenance

  • Standardized sub parts, materials and assemblies
  • Trusted support on standby

Safety Features

  • Discreet control panel to operate the system
  • Auto cutoff to prevent overheating